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Moving to Oahu in 1998. Chef Rihl, and his then girlfriend Amy Giunta started the Oceanside grill, a casual lunch truck on the north shore of oahu-serving locals, surfers, and backpackers. In 2000 They moved back to NJ and started a casual take out, plate lunch-place called The Hula restaraunt and Sauce company on the Boardwalk in Ocean City. Word spread quickly and a loyal customer base was formed. Davids Legacy will be passed onto Amy and their 2 daughters Mya and Madyn Rihl.The restaraunt is open May-October. With respect to hard work and long hours in the kitchen, it was the hawaain style food and surfer vibes that make Hula a top rated destination. The Rihls wanted customers to take a piece of the hula home with them so they bottled up their secret sauce recipes and launched The Hula Sauce line in 2008.

*The Hula Rest. and Sauce Company has no affiliation to TC Aloha inc. or any "Hula Grill"operating in HI or CA.

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The Restuarant

Authentic Hawaiian food is not easy to find here in the states. Hula Restaurant serves the only Hawaiian food available in Cape May County. Summer guests rave over their flavorful dishes every year, and locals regularly bring their families for lunch and dinner. Word-of-mouth advertising and newspaper write ups draw people out to Hula Restaurant every year, and the amazing food keeps them coming back for more. The island-inspired dishes and surfing decor will make you feel like you're vacationing in the tropics. Hula Restaurant is one of the best kept secrets of Ocean City. Come and find out for yourself!

Gluten Free Options

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